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4507 N. Pine Island Rd. Sunrise, FL 33351

Weight Management 

Valentus Products

At “Spine Island Wellness Center” we realize that some people want more than just excellent Chiropractic care. Some people also want to lose weight and improve their nutrition, and we have found an easy way for them to do that, without using any harmful chemicals or unnatural supplements.

We represent a company called “Valentus” which sells Weight loss coffee and functional beverages. What are “functional” beverages? Beverages that have specific functions besides hydration and thirst control.

The flagship product is the Slim Roast weight loss coffee. It is a delicious, REAL, Italian dark roast coffee that is infused with Garcinia Cambogia, siberian ginseng, green tea and green coffee bean extracts, and other herbs. One cup a day helps suppress your appetite, increase your energy, enhance mood and mental focus, and improve health on other levels. The Slim Roast is an instant coffee which can be consumed as hot coffee, iced coffee, mixed in a smoothie, in hot chocholate, or any other way you choose to consume it. On average we are finding people are losing 6-8 lbs per month by doing nothing other than drinking one cup per day. It's also great for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

The 3 functional beverages are powders added to water and are called: Trim, Energy, and Immune Boost. The Trim is for weight loss and has a pina colado/tropical flavor to it. The Energy is an all natural alternative to drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and 5 Hour energy. There is no 'rush' when it starts and no 'crash' when ends. Just excellent no jitter energy. It has a cherry flavor to it. The Immune Boost drink is designed to be consumed in the evening. It is a pomegranate flavored drink that aids in digestion, and helps people get into a deeper, more restful sleep.

There is also a program known as “12 in 24” where we guarantee you will lose 12 lbs or 12 inches (or a combination) in 24 days, or your money back! How does this work? You drink one Slim Roast coffee in the morning, one Trim water an hour before dinner, and one Immune Boost an hour before bedtime.

All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee because Valentus is that confident in their products.

Please check out our Valentus website for further info or to order products at:


Or take a 4 minute video tour at our other website:


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